Our faculty are in the vanguard of biosciences research in a number of areas that touch the lives of every Louisiana citizen, including cancer, addiction, neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases, eye disorders, genetics, diabetes, hypertension, angiogenesis, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, asthma and respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, vaccine technology, obesity and weight management, and children’s health.

Our work focuses on finding new ways to diagnose, treat and cure some of life’s most chronic and burdensome diseases.



Our faculty are teaching the next generation of health care providers. More than 1,000 faculty currently teach about 3,000 students in the schools that make up LSU Health New Orleans: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing and Public Health. LSU Health New Orleans offers more than 40 degree and certificate programs ranging from associate through doctoral and postdoctoral. Many of our faculty hold or have held top leadership positions in national and international professional societies.

Our School of Nursing is the only nursing school in Louisiana within an academic health sciences center. The School of Dentistry is the only dental school in the nation offering degrees in Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, and Dental Laboratory Technology.



Remembering Colin Goodier

Dr. Colin Goodier was an LSU School of Medicine alumnus in the third year of his surgery residency when tragedy struck. While cycling and training for his first triathlon, he was killed from injuries he received when a vehicle hit him.

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LSU health care professionals have been practicing the art of healing for more than 85 years. Patients from all over the world choose LSU health care in order to reap the benefits of academic medicine – the best health care linked to the most current research from the brightest minds.

Offering a broad range of health care specialties in hospitals and clinics throughout the state, it is easy to see why our health care professionals are the first choice for nearly 1 million patient visits each year.



Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children

For a child, the mouth is key for their growth and development, enabling them to eat and drink.
The mouth is also a window to their personalities, allowing them to talk with family, teachers, and peers and to reveal their moods through facial expressions.

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For generations, our faculty, staff and students have been committed to serving the communities we live and work in. LSU Health New Orleans is known for its outreach activities, from opening the first clinic of its kind in the nation specifically for musicians to increasing scientific achievements of school children and providing education and early cancer detection services statewide.

LSU Health’s outreach programs, educational opportunities, research and health care services reach into every corner of the state, bringing the full resources of Louisiana’s health care leader to the people it serves.



LSU Stroke Clinic

Six months after a stroke, 50 percent of people still have weakness on one side of the body, 30 percent require assistance to walk, 19 percent have some type of speech difficulty and 35 percent show symptoms of depression.

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LSU Health in the Community

From the beginning, community outreach has been a critical component of LSU Health’s mission. LSU Health students, faculty and staff participate in numerous programs and volunteer opportunities throughout the year, contributing to the health of Louisiana’s communities.

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